10 Unusual Slush Flavours


With the food industry becoming more and more inventive each day, it’s fair to say that some rather unusual foods have been created recently. When it comes to slush drinks, the classic strawberry and blue raspberry flavours can get boring after a while, so to turn the tables, we’ve put together a list of 10 unusual slush flavours!

Frozen Rosé Slushie

Frozé (aka frozen rosé) is a gorgeous pink blend of ice, frozen strawberries, lemon, honey  and rosé. This slush drink is perfect for any summer barbecue, paired with adults looking to relax and have fun. Being both simple, and containing minimal ingredients, it’s the ultimate mix for a cocktail too.

Triple Chocolate Slush

This one’s a bit more tricky method-wise, but it nonetheless sounds delicious. It’s not often that you see the words chocolate and slushy in the same sentence, but with the right combination of ingredients, this drink can come together for a creamy milkshake-like blend.

Slushy Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

When prepped ahead of time, these slushies are the perfect accompaniment for any summer party. They can be consumed using both straws and spoons and look divine when served in a milk bottle, with a slice of lemon and a strawberry! It’s the perfect blend of fresh fruit and alcohol and we’re doubly sure this would mix well with those on the hunt for a fun summer drink.

Slushy Blended Margarita

This marvellous margarita slush is not like the others. Being both quick and easy to make, and containing minimal sugar, it’s a healthier option for a slush lover looking to drink alcohol too. With frozen limeade concentrate, tequila, and orange liqueur, this drink certainly a way to spice up any evening.

Carrot Slush

Although this is the simplest slush to make, it’s quite an odd choice. Vegetable slushies seem peculiar, but carrot slushes are tart and delicious, making it ideal for a hot summer’s day. So, if this is more up your street than your typical slush, why not give it a try? It seems a little out of place, but from reviews, this is a popular slush flavour.

Avocado Slushie

Avocado slush is particularly good with a dash of vanilla extract or stirred with crushed mint leaves. It’s also a great treat for the kids (and it’s pretty easy to convince them it’s ice cream too!) Even people who dislike avocado, have expressed that they love this slush flavour – so, why not give it a try?

Pickle Juice Slushies

With the recent hype surrounding the pickle juice slushies coming to ‘Sonic’ in July 2018, we are curious to know what this tastes like. When you think of slush flavours, pickles definitely will not come to mind. However, it’s understandable that those who love this vegetable, are very much tempted by the idea of this pickle slushie flavour.

Tomato Slush

We’ve all been introduced to tomato juice, especially as children. The idea of a tomato flavoured slush doesn’t quite suit my palate, but it’s quite a refreshing fruit. So maybe this one isn’t for everybody, but if you think it might be up your street, make one and give it a try.

Maple Bacon Syrup Slurpee

We can’t find a recipe for this online, but we swear it’s a slush flavour in existence. Maple bacon is more commonly associated with pancakes, so the idea of maple bacon slush makes us a tad uncomfortable. However, it’s a slush flavour to try at some point!

Glow In The Dark Slush

This is what we personally think is the most unusual flavour of slush… glow in the dark! It is seriously cool. Whilst it’s not the drink that glows, it will impress guests at a party. It’s a showstopper drawing in people of all ages. The key thing about glow in the dark is that you can use any flavour syrup, maintaining its impressive effect, as well as the incredible taste.

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