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We specialize in slush supplies. As we are the manufacture of slush concentrate, we really know what we are talking about when is comes to slush concentrate. We have been manufacturing over 20 flavours for over 30 years. Making Us 4 Slush one of Europe’s longest...
10 Unusual Slush Flavours

10 Unusual Slush Flavours

With the food industry becoming more and more inventive each day, it’s fair to say that some rather unusual foods have been created recently. When it comes to slush drinks, the classic strawberry and blue raspberry flavours can get boring after a while, so to turn the...
How To Make Your Own Slush Drink

How To Make Your Own Slush Drink

We’re in the winter season and apparently snow isn’t enough for you folks! We’ve heard you say that you want more ice….more slushy magic! You can easily make your own slushy magic at home, and before you ask, yes – you can make your own slush without a slush...
An Introduction To Slush

An Introduction To Slush

Slush. Slushie. Slushy. Slurpee. Granita. Ice Cone. Snow Cone. However you call it, they are all different terms for what is essentially the same thing – delicious flavoured frozen food! We at Us 4 Slush, like to call it a ‘slush’ though. But, what...
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Las compras directas desde la fábrica son perfectas para el negocio financiero al elegir a su proveedor para los suministros de granizados. Al eliminar a los intermediarios, los agentes y los operadores de cajas, no solo puede ahorrar dinero, sino también saber que está comprando a expertos.

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