An Introduction To Slush


Slush. Slushie. Slushy. Slurpee. Granita. Ice Cone. Snow Cone. However you call it, they are all different terms for what is essentially the same thing – delicious flavoured frozen food! We at Us 4 Slush, like to call it a ‘slush’ though. But, what is a slush, we hear you ask?

What Is A Slush?!

Slushes are basically a non-alcoholic flavoured frozen drink with ice crystals.

Slush Origins:

The Slush was actually created by accident in late 1950’s America. Yes, the Slush drink is an American invention again! A man in Kansas purchased an old Dairy Queen where the machinery kept breaking down, including the soda fountain. When the fountain went out, he improvised by keeping his drinks frozen in the freezer instead, leading to drinks that were just a little bit slushy. As it turned out, the locals preferred the slushy drinks instead to how they should have been, and thus – the Slush was born! (However, they preferred to call it a Slurpee, but we will stick with Slush.)

The Science Of Slush:

In order to create a slush drink, the formation of a ‘supercooled liquid’ needs to occur. This means that the drink is colder than at the level where the drink turns to ice, but it isn’t frozen yet! (We know, you’re probably scratching your heads thinking ‘that can’t be possible?!’ However, this is possible due to the fact that ice formation needs somewhere to start. This can be a certain spot in a glass or a dust flake. Without this, the water would just keep chilling without turning to ice. So, when you open a bottle of supercooled soda, carbon dioxide bubbles start fizzling out which gives plenty of opportunity for ice to form, leading to the creation of a slushy drink.

When you chill under pressure, a solution of flavoured slush syrup, water and carbon dioxide in a slush machine, with an auger to keep the mixture moving to prevent ice formation, slush is created! The constant movement of the auger prevents ice particles from bonding together and keeps the mixture from freezing.

The Types Of Slush And Slush Flavours:

There are tons of different slush types and slush flavours meaning there are different ways of getting a brain freeze and a sugar high! There are many derivations of a slush, such as snow cones, shaved ice, healthy sugar-free slushies, slush cocktails and even candy slushies.

The different slush flavours that you can have are endless, but here’s a handful of the most common and popular slush flavours that you can have!

  • Strawberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Bubblegum
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Sour Cherry
  • Lemon and Lime
  • Cola
  • Tropical Mix
  • Cotton Candy

Alcoholic Slush Flavours (yes you can even have slush with alcohol!):

  • Pina Coladas
  • Mojito
  • Margarita
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Pimms  
  • Wine
  • Vodka


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